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What is Accelerated Reader?
Accelerated Reader (AR) is a computer program that helps teachers motivate students of all ages to read more and better books. Study after study shows that reading is a foundational skill – the key to doing well and getting good grades in all subject areas. Better readers do better in math, science, social studies, and language arts. Accelerated Readers are proud of their accomplishments and develop a greater appreciation for reading and school.
How does it work?
Students in the program choose their own books to read, which makes reading more enjoyable for them. After completing the book, they take a short computer quiz on what they have read. Students earn points based on the length of the book, the difficulty of the book, and their score on the quiz. Points are saved for individual and group incentives.
Classroom teachers and library staff will help children choose books that are challenging without being frustrating. This helps to assure that the student can pass the quiz and be successful. If a student does not do well on the quiz, he or she should get individual help from the teacher.
How do we use AR at SA Elementary?
At SA Elementary we use AR to motivate students. If a child is a struggling reader, AR provides an opportunity to gain confidence and to learn to enjoy reading. If your child is an excellent reader, AR will help him or her choose the right level of books for challenge and enjoyment.
We use AR to encourage students. Practice is the key to reading success. Teachers use AR to motivate students to get more reading practice. Successful students are encouraged students!
AR Home Connect
Home connect allows parents to see what books their children have taken the tests on and how they scored. It is a colorful place that students can use to show what they are reading. It is not for grades, but a motivational tool.
Where do I find AR books?
Books in my classroom 
Books I own at home                                                  
San Augustine Public Library