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Crouch, Lisa » Introduction to Mrs. Crouch's class

Introduction to Mrs. Crouch's class

Dear Parents,

In our pre-kindergarden class, there are two teachers: Mrs. Crouch and Ms. Jodi Hoffman.

Our class rules are:
Be kind
Be neat
Be safe

Your child will take home a daily folder or notebook. Please check the back portion for homework that should be completed by each Friday. You may help your child, by helping them hold a pencil or marker while they trace their name or letters. I will place other information in the plastic pages of the folder for you to go over with your child every night. Help them by counting with them each night and by going over the letters of the alphabet and by reading with them the songs or rhymes that they are learning in class. The more exposure they have to print, the more likely they will be early readers.

Please insure that your child has a good night’s sleep. Put them to bed by 8:00 or 8:30. Many of our children do not have enough rest and are unable to concentrate.

In our classroom, we have whole group activities and small group center activities. The small group activities include: math with science; blocks; literacy/ABC/ writing; Pretend and Learn center; and the fine motor/playdough/puzzle center.

I will send home a monthly academic assessment as well as regular report cards. Use these assessments to help your child.


Mrs. Crouch