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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council Program- Cecilia Stark, Prevention Specialist

I am leaving the following information on our Kids' Connnection program because it is my understanding that they will be returning to San Augustine Elementary like they have in the past.  Mrs. Cecilia Stark, Prevention Specialist with the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council from Lufkin, Texas is expected to come weekly to present a "Kids' Connection" interactive program with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.  There are 8 Lessons that she and another staff member ( Brenda Whitaker, Ami Holton, and/or Jason Wilson) come and share with our elementary students.   The lessons are as follows:
1.  Getting to Know You
2.  Celebration of Me: to recognize and celebrate the unique qualities of each other.
3.  Feelings: Identify ways and learn how to deal with them.
4.  Anger: Identify ways to stay calm and stay out of fights
5.  Dreams and Goals: To gain or strengthen sense of purpose and feel more confident in setting goals.
6.  Healthy Goals: Recognize that we have freedom to make choices and that most students make healthy choices.
7.  Friends: Identify ways to make and maintain healthy relationships.
8.  Peer Pressure:  Develop confidence needed to resist negative peer pressure.
* Reward for students with a fun activity for great participation on our last visit.  
These lessons include crafts, plays, sunshine and cloud ( for students to share their feelings each week) and to learn life skills.